Television is the opiate of the masses

To keep our daughter occupied on our plane flight in January, we were considering buying a portal DVD player. We’ve read this recommendation several places. It would also come in handy on the long car trips home (we had previously been using an Apple PowerBook).

tadpoleBut now that I’ve seen the Tadpole by Ifrogz, I may have to reconsider the iPod (the one with video). I’ve never had an excuse to upgrade from my Nano, but this may just fly with Ms. Kaz.

The Tadpole looks nice – it is rugged, with handles so the little ones can hold it better. There is a protective screen, many decals to decorate your click wheel with, and openings for all the various ports.

My only worry is getting her addicted to watching the iPod…

Preorder your Tadpole for $19.99 (it will ship Nov. 1) [via TUAW]

[Kaz: The title of this post was a Peanuts comic I remember reading long ago where one of the characters quotes Karl Marx’s statement that religion is the opiate of the masses, and another character responds, “obviously he’s never seen television” or something to that affect. I was unable to find the comic anywhere to link to it, however.]


One Response to Television is the opiate of the masses

  1. rob says:

    If I could mainline tv programming, I would.

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