Beatles update…

Just a quick follow up to my daughter calling the Beatles, “boring guys”…

The other night, when I usually hear her call down to me before bedtime, “daddy! wanna come up and sing na-na’s” (“na-na’s” being a little tune my mother used to calm her with that now is part of the bedtime ritual), I instead heard, “daddy! wanna come up and sing Beatles song??”

There’s hope for her yet!


2 Responses to Beatles update…

  1. rob says:

    Which one did she want to sing?

    Personally, I’m a Blue album, ’67-’70 Beatles fan.

    But I can see where you might want to be a Red album, ’62-’66 fan with a child. A little more wholesome.

    No questions from the wee one like, “Daddy, what does ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ mean?”

    Of course, the other day at Gunslinger’s day care they were dancing to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’…

    [Kaz: The song was “I Will”, which I have been singing to her since she was even littler. When I sing others, I get, “What’s that song?” followed by “What’s that Beatles song?” once I tell her it is a Beatles song]

  2. Terry says:

    Halloween Thought:

    Teach her “I am the walrus” and dress her up as one… Groovy, man.

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