A Day In The Life

The BealtesI’ve been a big Beatles fan ever since I was about 7 or 8 and my grandfather gave me my aunt’s old Beatles albums that she left at his house. These were the original vinyl records. I would take them in my basement and listen to them, thinking how cool the music was.

Then I gradually destroyed them. What did I know? I was a kid. [Kaz: mental note, remember this when you let your daughter play with stuff you care about]

Being a big Beatles fan, my daughter cannot help but get exposure to the Beatles. She currently sleeps with a giraffe based on John Lennon’s design (whom she calls ‘Arthur’). She had a mobile when she was a baby that played “Imagine”.

At night, we sing her Bealtes songs; “Yellow Submarine”, “Octopuses Garden”, “Strawberry Fields”, and one of my favorite to sing to her, “I Will”.

Lately, she’s been into singing along with kids’ songs. The other night, she began to sing along to “I Will” with me. It touched this old Beatles fan’s heart.

So, yesterday, we somehow got talking about a Beatles song (the exact song escapes me), and I asked her if she wanted to see pictures of the Beatles. She said, “Yes” and I got down a book from the shelf.

I opened a page and began explaining to her that the people in the pictures wrote the songs we sing. She looked at the pictures, and then said, “What’s that boring picture?”

I said, “You don’t want to look at this anymore, do you?” and she replied, “wanna look at something else. Want spiders!”

That’s when I realized she was hoping to see beetles.


3 Responses to A Day In The Life

  1. Rob says:

    Would you believe I had an original White Album – sealed?

    Back in the late ’60s, my Mother’s brother (my uncle, duh) gave my Father the record. At the time, my father was not a Beatles fan.

    Fast forward to 1981. I find the UNOPENED album. A big fan of the Beatle and unaware of its value, I a) open the thing b) I play the albums to death c) taped the photos up on my wall, and d) cut up the booklet.

    While I was only twelve, I still feel like an idiot.

    [Kaz: While I am not sure I actually cut up the booklet on my White Album (not an original, but still), I did tape the pictures to the cover of a Shaun Cassidy album I used to store these records in after I destroyed the original jackets.]

  2. Terry says:

    One of my more contemporary Artist that I enjoy is They Might Be Giants, alternative rock. Goofy and Eclectic. A few years back, they started to phase shift from adult albums to kid materials. Pinnacle: Here Comes the ABCs DVD and CD.
    Impulse by for myself, the kid had no clue. Fast Forward about a 1.5 months after purchase and the DVD is getting some play time at the house. SWEET!!! Next, the CD comes into “requested” play rotation. Then my Kid starts singing some of the songs, on his own. I am about going nuts.
    Then, I find out that They Might Be Giants are coming to Knoxville for a live outdoor concert. I pass out. Although, the kid didn’t go, daddy sure did. I called the house at about 9:45pm to tell them (slightly buzzed) that they were playing Alphabet of Nations…

    Now the whole family is brainwashed on the Thomas the Tank Engine song Boo-Boo-Choo-Choo…

    [Kaz: We have one of their kids’ CDs. I think my daughter is into robots because of Robot Parade. The good thing is, I think we finally got her off of wanting to hear Barney. However, I know the Wiggles phase will be coming up soon.]

  3. Kathy says:

    I love They Might Be Giants. My favorite ABC song, hands down. My three year old loves the song Alligator by the Gratful Dead just because it’s called Alligator. It’s about the non-humminest craziest song ever.
    We really love Laurie Berkner. Checkhert out at http://www.twotomatoes.com

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