A Special Welcome and a Thanks

I just wanted to give a special welcome to those of you visiting from Metro Dad‘s blog. I hope you enjoy the site and decide to stick around. I’ll try to keep making it worth your while, but the pressure’s on.

I also wanted to thank MD for the nice write-up and link. Just as he mentioned he was inspired by Jay and Greg, I have taken Metro Dad as a source for inspiration. While I still feel sometimes that I am working on my blog’s focus, I’ve taken inspiration for several places. I’ve always loved the narrative style to MD’s blog. I feel myself being drawn into the story he creates. I get a similar, yet slightly different, inspiration from Chris over at RudeCactus, as well. And finally, I also take inspiration from Greg at DaddyTypes for his focus on news and new products. I hope to do a little of the same, but with a focus more on “green” product.

So, thanks for the traffic, Metro Dad! I owe you a drink next time I’m down in the city!

[Kaz: I just have to state for the record that, while it is definitely traffic that is more in my target demographic, MD’s link still hasn’t passed the one day traffic referral record for this site currently held by Tickle Me Elmo :)]

[Kaz: Oh, yeah, I was also a little disappointed that MD’s write-up didn’t mention how handsome and funny I am. You know, like Carrot Top.]


6 Responses to A Special Welcome and a Thanks

  1. Kathy says:

    So happy to meet fellow green parents. I will definitely be a regular. I’m excited to check out the gdiapers. Never heard of them but what a concept! Happy day.

    [Kaz: Hi, Kathy. Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to hearing any tips on green parenting! The gDiapers are a nice compromise between the cloth and the disposable. They aren’t perfect, but we like the idea behind them better than disposables.]

  2. bgkahuna says:

    I am happy to see that there are people out there that enjoy being a father. You know other than our kids. Because, they have to like us or we won’t take them out for ice cream after their mother says NO.

    [Kaz: Funny you should say that – yesterday, I was getting my daughter a bowl of some ice cream when Ms. Kaz came home and “caught” us!]

  3. L.A. Daddy says:

    Hey, Kaz – I got the same link on MD’s page – glad to discover you in the process!

    Also, good to know you’re a “green” man. I’m doing what I can on the same front with my work blog (http://www.constructiondeal.com/blog)


    [Kaz: Hey, Tim – thanks for stopping in. I feel badly – I really want to check out the other daddyblogs listed @ MD, but things have been crazy lately. I do have a few other new daddy (or daddy-to-be) blogs I read and try and help out. We all gotta stick together!]

  4. Terry says:

    I can’t say that we are 100% green at our household but we do make some effort:
    1) We have to pay for curbside recycling
    2) Once a week, I take the cardboard/mixed paper for recycling
    3) I get The Elder and The Younger excited by”You want to recycle this?”
    4) We have shifted The Younger to 99.9% cloth diapers last month. Yesterday was the first time he was in disposables because Daddio (me) didn’t have the laundry done in time
    5)We use flourescent bulbs where we can

    I’m sure there are other things, but I can hear you falling asleep over here…

    [Kaz: Getting greener bulbs is something we really need to do. Our local power company occasionally has events where they will sell them cheap, too. We did sign up for the alternative energy option though our power company, though!]

  5. BookGirl says:

    Hi Kaz,

    I actually came across your blog about 2 days before MD mentioned you, I think from a comment you made at ZygoteDaddy. We’re parents-to-be who try being green as much as possible. And we’re vegetarian, too. I look forward to getting green-parenting ideas from you!

    [Kaz: Hello, and welcome Book Girl! It is nice to know I have some people reading for the green-parenting ideas! Keeps me writing about them. And hopefully, you guys will be able to share some things you’ve found with me!]

  6. Kristen says:

    We’re vegetarians, I always love finding fellow vegetarian parents. Congrats on the MD link!

    [Kaz: Welcome, and likewise! Hopefully, you’ll see enough to keep coming back and share some tips on raising vegetarian kids.]

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