Holiday Cards

Welcome to another addition of “I Haven’t Told My Wife I Made This Decision Yet”

Our daughter’s first Christmas, we went and sent out picture cards for the holidays. I think new parents are required by law to do this. Last year, we just sent cards with pictures tucked into select ones.


Well, the reasons are varied, but, for one thing, have you ever actually looked at those cards? Ugh. And I don’t mean offense to anyone who’s sent us one – it isn’t your fault the designs are so awful. Okay, some parents can be blamed for the choice of photo, but still…

Mango Ink Sampel Card LgAnyway, I was cruising around, and found a link to MangoInk. Maybe I’ve been in the dark, but this is the first I’ve heard of them. And they have some really nice designs for their holiday cards. If I can convince Ms. Kaz, I’m definitely going to get picture cards from here this Christmas Holiday Season.

Now I just gotta get to work on getting a nice picture of our daughter for the card…

[Kaz: they are having a 10% off sale currently. And, there are 14 states where they have never sold a card. If you are the first to order from one of those states, you’ll get 50% off.]


4 Responses to Holiday Cards

  1. Rob says:

    Nice site. I was disappointed that they didn’t offer fullfillment as well. I send’em pics and a scan of my signature along with excel spreadsheet of my contacts and they do the rest.
    Perhaps there’s a business in that…

    [Kaz: There sounds like there is a business in that. Except, we always have that batch of cards that we prefer to write a little personal note on.]

  2. thanks and I checked them out. It is really nice site.

  3. Terry says:

    last christmas, my Lovely and Talented Wife used the USPS card service. it was more expensive, I am sure, but the cards came to us, pre-everything. We had a few special cards to add extra pictures, but the quality was propessional.

    Thanks for the link to these peeps. We are a picture card kind of family, which reminds me that we’ll need to get some pictures to use for this year!

  4. Michelle says:

    check out

    [Kaz: Thanks for the link! These are nice, too. I especially like the “Peace” holiday ones.]

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