The Big Talk (Part VII)

Unity Delux Double Stroller

My wife doesn’t know it yet, but, if we have another kid, I’ve already got our double stroller picked out — this sweet double stroller from a new outfit called Baby Planet. The stroller is the Unity Delux, and it is billed as lightweight (good), and ultra-compact (really good).

It has a neat, “easy steer” handle, and those little bars across the kid which they can put their drinks in or some goldfish or something on (which isn’t something I’ve seen on non-butt-ugly strollers before).

They are due in stored in March ’07, but that’s okay, because it would take a miracle for that to be too late for our second kid.

[Thanks to daddytypes for the heads up on this stroller]

[Kaz: Man, I almost forgot to include another important part (below)]

The company is also dedicated to earth-friendly manufacturing, use of recycled materials, and “post-use” recycling. Furthermore, they use organic, hypo-allergenic materials, “green” (eco-friendly, not the color) dyes on fabrics, and avoid using PVC. And they will continue to research how to make their products even more “green,” which is something us “green parents” like to hear!


2 Responses to The Big Talk (Part VII)

  1. Rob says:

    It looks cool, but I bet it suffers from the same thing all side-by-side strollers suffer from – too wide.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to abandon an aisle because of a double stroller coming my way.
    Someone needs to create a double decker stroller; slightly wider than regular stroller, the lower seat sits half the distance to the floor than a regular stroller. The upper seat sits above and behind the lower one; the child’s butt sits about where the head of a toddler would be in a regular store.

    [Kaz: I think they have these, but they look weirder, to me. Check]

  2. Bob says:

    I’m skeptical of a few things with this stroller. First, what’s the max weight it can hold? Some double strollers will only go up to 65 pounds…not good if one of your kids is already 40 lbs. Second, the wheels look awfully small. Some doubles (and even singles) will easily get bogged down by a one-inch curb and need to be tipped back to maneuver these “horrific” obstacles. Thirdly, looks pricey.

    Of course, I’m no expert, but through all my research and trial and error in getting a good double stroller for my girls, those are the main things I’ve considered and been stymied by. We’re currently rocking a Maclaren double that can hold upt 150 lbs., but I hate the tiny wheels. It’s even tipped all the way forward once when it couldn’t navigate a “tiny” driveway curb. It was $350, too, which seems expensive, but really isn’t in the realm of all the $600+ Bugaboos and Phil&Teds out there. Of course, Bugaboo doesn’t even make a double…at least not for the States.

    [Kaz: These are all great points which I hadn’t thought about. We have a Mac for our daughter, which we love. I guess once you figure out, as a parent, what the heck you are doing with one kid, it is easy to fall into the trap that  you just do everything the same for the second. However, it appears that there are a lot of considerations for accomodating a second child. One that has crossed my mind is: how the heck do you keep the older kid asleep when the new baby is crying in the middle of the night?]

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