I “Broke” Our Daughter (again)

Okay, the first time may have been my “fault”.

This time, not so much. I think… I was holding my daughter’s hand outside, she stumbled a bit, then began to cry. Her arm hurt.

We went inside, put a boo-boo buddy on it and sat on the couch. After 10-15 minutes, it still hurt her. We gave her a drink and a slice of pizza, thinking maybe she was hungry and a bit tired (it was around her naptime). “Still hurts,” she told us.

Of course, this happens on a Sunday, when our only option is the E.R. So, into the car we go for another “adjustment” of her arm, which would cost us $20 if the doctor’s office were open on Sunday. Instead, it will cost us $80 at the hospital.

As we are driving there, she starts to use her arm and eventually tells us it is all better. So we go home.

At this point, I have to mention a couple things. First, my daughter has been saying, “ow” a lot. If we just move her, or pick her up or even look at her funny. So, we are a bit skeptical to begin with, but she was really crying about this. Second, she is very suggestable. If we ask her if her arm still hurts, there’s a good chance she will just say, “yes” whether it is or not.

Everything was fine. Until last night…

Last night, my daughter was sitting on the couch and began to cry a real cry. Ms. Kaz went in and found her sitting on her hands and crying that her arm hurt. Again, Ms. Kaz sat with her on the couch, waiting to see if the pain would pass like it did last time. We decided to have her eat dinner with us and see how it went.

She didn’t complain during dinner, and ate well… just with one hand. The other hand was still bothering her. We called the doctor’s office, knowing they had a couple “late” nights and hoping Tuesday was one of them. We lucked out – Tuesday is one of their late nights.

The doctor went in, looked at her arm, my daughter impressed the doctor by knowing what a stethoscope was, the doctor did the maneuver and my daughter was all better. We paid our $20 and the doctor showed us how to do this maneuver in case it happened again.

Apparently, some kids are more prone to this kind of injury. Wonderful. As if we don’t hover more than we want to already.

That night, as we were putting her to bed, she began to talk about her arm hurting, going to the doctor, the doctor making it all better. Finally, right before bed, she said to my wife, “Mommy. Thanks for sitting on couch for me.”

Kids can be really sweet sometimes. I hope she never grows out of it.


2 Responses to I “Broke” Our Daughter (again)

  1. Rob says:

    Nursemaid’s Elbow – ouch.
    My 2 y.o. nephew, Gunslinger*, loves to grab on to two free hands – preferably from two separate people – and be swung like a monkey in a tree.
    I guess he’d learn to stop if it caused a radial head subluxation every time.
    I didn’t read far enough in the Wiki explanation (it was a little dry); does it quit doing it after a certain age? If not, gym and the playground are going to be rough.
    *Not his real name

    [Kaz: You know, I am not sure. But the fact that the doctor said they are prone to it at her age makes me think (hope) that it means they won’t be as prone later in life.]

  2. Henitsirk says:

    My daughter has gone through the same thing. Our pediatrician showed me how to do the “maneuver” and I’ve had to do it a few times. He said kids definitely grow out of it as their muscles get stronger and everything firms up.

    The terrible thing is that most of the time my daughter pulls her elbow when we’re holding hands and she either trips or bends down to pick something up with no warning…I always feel guilty!

    [Kaz: I hear you on the guilt thing. Both times it happened when I was with her. My wife yet to do it. The sad part is that it makes us a little bit paranoid about playing around with her when we’re holding onto her hands.]

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