Conversations with…: Playing Doctor

My daughter got a toy doctor kit for her birthday, which she loves [Kaz: on a side note, our neighborhood is almost exclusively girls when it comes to infants and toddlers. One of about 2 boys in our neighborhood gave this to my daughter. I’m keeping my eye on him…] and plays with often. She likes to put the stethoscope on our chests and say, “boom boom”.

The other day, she was playing with it (“doctorin'” as she calls it) with me…

Daughter: Daddy feelin’ sick?
Me: oooooohhhh, I don’t feel so well…
Daughter: Daddy, check your ear? (as she puts the.. uh… ear looking in thing up to my ear)
Me: Is there anything in there?
Daughter: Yeah. A beaver in your ear.
Me: Beaver? or Fever?
Daughter: Beaver. (she holds the stethoscope up to my ear for a bit)
Daughter: Took beaver out. Daddy all better now?
Me: Thanks, sweetie. I feel better now.


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