Adventures in Babysitting

We got stood up the other day.

We found a babysitter who is wonderful. She works during the day at a daycare center. She’s nice. Our daughter loves her, and looks forward to her visits. And she’s reliable.

But the other night, we found ourselves worrying. We had a dinner to attend at 7pm, so we asked her to show up at 6:30pm. At 6:35, we were really nervous. “She’s sometimes late,” we said. “She’s always been reliable in the past.”

At 6:50, “Should we call?”

At 7pm, we called. No answer. Leave a message. My daughter starts asking questions about whether she’s coming or not.

At 7:15, we got a call. From really bad cell phone reception land. Turns out, she was waiting for us to call to confirm. Hmm… that DOES sound kind of familiar. Turns out we talked to her last time she babysat (3 or 4 weeks ago), and told her we were pretty sure we’d need her that day, but we’d call to tell her for sure. Of course, we never did. Turns out it was our fault afterall.

Finally, around 7:35, we called our daycare provider, because her daughter sometimes babysits for us, as well. “Just bring her over!” our daycare provider insisted, “we would love the company!”

Our daycare provider is old enough to have grandchildren, but she doesn’t. She and her husband (who usually gets a 1/2 hr or so after he comes home from work to play with our daughter), ADORE our daughter. They are pretty much a 3rd set of grandparents for her. They spoil her (in terms of gifts, mostly, but maybe occasionally allowing her to get away with stuff we don’t) rotten like grandparents. And she loved them like grandparents.

So the day was saved. We showed up a little late, but before dinner was served. Our daycare provider never allows us to pay them for this kind of thing, but we won a year’s worth of bread at a silent auction, so we were able to get them to take that as payment.

My question is — what is the etiquette for confirming a babysitter? Our’s is always reliable, and we never really have confirmed in the past. Is it rude to call and just sort of say, “you’re coming tomorrow, right?” or is that par for the course?


One Response to Adventures in Babysitting

  1. Rob says:

    Nope. Not rude.

    Well, it might be if you said the wrong way.

    But if you couch it properly, it’s just a friendly reminder that you both are still on for the given day/appointment.

    Personally, I think the babysitter should have called you to confirm. But that is from a service-related business owner nearing forty, not a late-teens, early-twenties babysitter.

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