What we are reading: Oh, No! Not Ghosts!

[Kaz: sorry I’ve not had a lot of book reviews lately, but we’ve been getting good mileage out of the ones we already have.]

Oh, no! Not Ghosts! Oh No, Not Ghosts! by Richard Michelson and Adam McCauley is this year’s pick for a Halloween book for our daughter. I must say, it is far more fun for us to read than last year’s SpongeBob Spookypants (although, I do enjoy doing SpongeBob and Patrick voices).

Although, as you may have read in an early post about Elmo (and many, many of you apparently have – welcome, Elmo seekers!), you know I made a mistake you don’t make with a 2 year old, and that is to suggest the book might be a little scary. It isn’t. But it took me a couple days to convince my daughter it wasn’t.

The story is a quick read (3 minutes?), which is good for a two year old, and is fun. My daughter loves to read shout (okay, I encourage her to shout it) the “Not ____” parts of the book (Me, reading: “Ghosts?!? Oh, no! …” Daughter: “Not Ghosts!!”).

The drawings are fun (what do you expect when the illustrator dedicates the book to Maurice Sendak), and not too scary.

It was a good pickup. I’m glad I finally convinced my daughter to go with this one over the My Little Pony halloween book!

Now, we just gotta work on choosing a Halloween costume this year…

Oh No, Not Ghosts! can be had at bn.com for just $12.80.


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