Tickle Me Elmo TMX Popularity (or Does My Daughter Like What I Tell Her To Like)

Elmo TMXSo, the wonder and amazement of the new Tickle Me Elmo TMX was released today. I’m not going to go into the specifics of what it does — you know how to use Google.

To me, it is, well.. I was going to say a total letdown, but I wasn’t really expecting much to begin with. But, from a technology standpoint, it is kind of interesting. But, as I commented on DaddyTypes, are kids going to be impressed by this, or do they come to expect toys to do everything a human can (and then some!) ??

Greg made a good point to my comment, and that is that the sales of this toy may be driven solely mostly by parents anyway. Afterall, Greg points out, “what hands-on user of TMX was even born when TME came out? No one”

All this made me wonder about the things my daughter likes, and my influence on those things…

My daughter has a wonderful sense of humor. She’ll find the absurd to be hilarious. She make up absurd answers to my question, and we’ll both get a good laugh over it.

But, there are also times where I’ll find something in a book or picture or magazine or on a card that I think she will find funny. So, I show it to her and say, “Look at this! Isn’t that silly?!?” and she’ll begin laughing and say, “that’s silly!” and go show it to mommy, “Look, mommy! That’s silly!”

The same thing with fun. We’ll do something that we think she will find fun and pose the very leading question to her, “Isn’t this fun?!?”

And, most recently, we went to the bookstore and I let her pick out a Halloween book. Okay, she first picked out a My Little Ponies book, which I promptly steered her away from, and showed her Oh No! Not Ghosts! As we sat down to read it, I made the mistake of saying, “this might be a little scary…” Even though I knew it wasn’t.

She insisted it was, “a little scary, dad” and then waffled back and forth between wanting it, and not wanting it because it was, “a little scary, dad.” Finally, we settled on buying it. All that evening, I had to hear about how the book was, “a little scary, dad.” Even halfway through Horton Hears a Who, I had to listen about how the book was, “a little scary, dad”

Did she really think it was scary? I don’t think so. She finally seems okay with it now that we read it in a silly kind of way.

But all of this makes me wonder — does she really believe all these things are funny, or fun, or scary? Or does she just humor me trust my judgement and go along with whatever I say? Should I not be asking such leading questions?

I’m not sure, but I know I love to hear her laugh and see her smile!

[Kaz: if she is just going along with whatever I tell her about something, it scares me to think what kind of affect advertising, which is impossible to escape in all its forms, is having on her!]

[Kaz: Greg expands on his thought re: TMX here.]

[Kaz: Welcome all you elmo seekers! I’m sorry I can’t help you decide whether to get one of these (my recommendation: don’t. or at least wait until they decided to stop voluntarily limiting production. remember the beanie baby craze and look at what they are worth now), or where to get them (if you have more money than you know what to do with, try eBay), but please stick around the site, or at least give your thoughts on why you think your kid needs one of these in the comments. thanks!]


2 Responses to Tickle Me Elmo TMX Popularity (or Does My Daughter Like What I Tell Her To Like)

  1. elmo tmx says:

    These Elmo TMXs may be worth it for 40 bucks but for some of the crazy prices people are paying on ebay (over $300 in some cases), that is just nuts.

    [Kaz: I haven’t looked – are they actually selling at these prices?!?]

  2. Michael says:

    You should be able to find one reasonably priced at http://www.getyourelmotmx.com

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