Conversations with…: Creativity in Children

I don’t know a whole lot about child development. It is interesting to see how my daughter develops in certain ways, such as her language skills, her sense of humor, her motor skills. Tonight, I think she took a big step forward in development of creativity. Creativity of excuse, that is.

No more, “I don’t wanna!” for her. Oh, no. Instead, after spilling some pretzels on the couch, she began to clean them up (not on her own, of course, but with repeated asking telling in loud voices prompting from us). Halfway through, a car beeped its horn outside, and she stopped.

Daughter: Can’t clean up. Car beeping.
Me: I think you can finish cleaning up.
Daughter: Can’t clean up. Car beeping.

Of course, not only did she need to stop cleaning up, but we had to call my brother-in-law and mother-in-law to tell them, “Can’t clean up. Car beeping.”

I can’t wait to use this excuse myself.


One Response to Conversations with…: Creativity in Children

  1. T. Carter says:

    The auto dealer next to my office always has car alarms going off; I’m so going to use this excuse with my boss sometime this week …

    [Kaz: Hey, T – thanks for stopping by. Let us all know how it goes!]

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