On Organics

We’re very fortunate that we’re able to provide as much organic foods as we can for our daughter (and ourselves!). We feel really good about allowing a little chemicals and genetically modified junk as possible.

Maybe we can afford it because we are just offsetting the grocery bill savings from not eating meat?

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to add a page about some of our favorite organic products for our daughter, but I haven’t gotten around to collecting the links.

One thing that I have noticed is that I sometimes sacrifice taste (or maybe just the taste I am used to) for natural and organic. For example, we bought some natural version of Coco Krispies for an ocasional treat. I once tried some and they were just awful to me! My daughter loved them, though.

I guess that’s the good thing about raising her on natural products — she doesn’t seem to know that there are better tasting alternatives out there!

Anyone have any organic foods their kids just love?

[Kaz: see also the lively discussion on organic milk at Daddytypes]


One Response to On Organics

  1. seoscribe says:

    Hi there! My daughter, 7 1/2 monts hold, loves organic carrots more than anything else. But she also loves organic apples + mangoes, apples, plums and green peas with brown rice.

    [Kaz: Thanks for stopping by! Apples are one of the things we always get organic for our daughter. Thankfully, they are readily available. Unfortunately, during apple season (now) I can never find organic macs. I will buy non-organic (locally grown, if I can) macs for myself, but my daughter keeps to the organic apples.]

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