It’s a small, small world…

The wonderful thing about the internet is that, if you search hard enough, you can find several links telling you that you are a bad parent. It might be some product you use, or it might be some product you don’t use. It might something you do for your child, or something you don’t do for your child.

Better yet, if you have a blog, and post something to your blog, there is a good chance that those people telling you are an idiot will come to you to do it!

So, here’s your chance to tell me I am an idiot (or, hopefully, tell me I am not an idiot) because we are seriously considering taking our daughter, who will be two-and-a-half at the time, to DisneyWorld this winter.

Our thinking, or lack thereof after the jump…

So why do we think we want to take our daughter to Disney?

First off, she loves Mickey, and Donald, and Goofy and Pluto (don’t worry, we only let her watch the classic cartoons).

Second off, my wife and I could use a vacation. Here is one of the sticking points – is taking a 2.5 year old to Disney really going to be a vacation? In otherwords, will it be more relaxing to stay at home as opposed to taking her to DisneyWorld? I don’t know — I’ve never taken a 2.5 year old there before.

Third, cost. Okay, you are saying, how is spending Disney prices a plus? Well, let’s just say, thanks to my employer, that Disney hotels will be reasonable, and admission will not be an issue. Therefore, our thinking goes, if our daughter can only handle a couple hours in the park, that’s okay. Of course, it is easier to say we will take our daughter’s cue on how long to stay in the park, as opposed to how long we want to stay in the park, than to actually act on it.

Fourth, if we go in January, the weather will be more tolerable for her, and the lines should be shorter.

Okay, so either tell us we’re crazy idiots, or not…


3 Responses to It’s a small, small world…

  1. rob says:

    Not crazy – at least not for going to Disney World with a 2.5 y.o. My brother/sister-in-law took their 1.5 y.o. boy to DisneyLand and he loved it.

    But, I think that the place will be crawling with people in January… it’s one of the few times that Florida isn’t baking 😉


    [Kaz: Actually, I’ve checked around. I guess it is kind of dead in January. Probably because all the kids are in school. We might luck out.]

  2. Ann Tunstall says:

    I vote go with a 2.5 yr old, and go in January. Say what you will about Disney as an evil conglomerate, but it sure is one that knows what kids like, and it puts a smile on adults as well. We took my now-5-yr-old daugher when she was about that age. The sole reason we went was because grandparents were going to be in the area, and it was a good place for a family rendezvous with them. Otherwise, I never would have taken a 2-yr old there, thinking that she’d be too young to enjoy it, and too young for us to enjoy her being there. I was wrong wrong wrong. We’ve got great memories from that trip. You do have to accomodate her sleep schedule, so plan around that – staying at a Disney resort is key here, so that you can go back and forth between the activities and your hotel room during the day.

    Two words of warning – be prepared for your daughter to develop a princess infatuation, if she doens’t have one yet (there’s just no way to avoid multiple brushes with the full panoply of female royalty when at the Magic Kingdom), and be prepared for the end-of-the day fireworks to be too loud for her.

    Oh, and DIsney in January is great. As an ex-Floridian with a sister still in Orlando, and multiple-Disney attendee, I can tell you that the weather is almost alwaysy great and crowds are not a problem.

    [Kaz: Hi, Ann – thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the reassurance and advice. My worry is that January will be too cold for swimming, in which case, we will need to not let our daughter see the pool! I don’t think she has a princess infatuation yet, but she does like watching Cinderella!]

  3. Ann says:

    Glad my comments were useful. Good point about swimming. It can get chilly if a cold snap goes through (which it did when we were there last.), although the pools are heated. My husband and daughter (who also loves water) didn’t mind being in the pool, especially in the afternoon when the sun was shining brightly. The air was was too chilly for me, though, but then I”m the biggest wimp about cold.

    And CInderella is just the insidious start of it all…

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