A day at the fair

This past weekend, we took our daughter to the fair.

This is what we did/saw…

*Deep intake of breath*

Parked the car, took the bus to the entrance, looked at the wooden snakes and maracas for sale, walked over to where the piglet races usually are held but they weren’t there, looked at the loud roosters, looked at the bunnies, looked at the ducks who go “quack quack”, looked at the “sheeps”, visited the cows, watched the people ride the elephant (“dumbo’s mom!”) and the camel, looked at the draft horses, fed the “sheeps” and goats in the petting zoo, watched the band, went out to dance to Y-M-C-A, stood there watching everyone else do the Y-M-C-A instead of dancing, rode the “choo-choo train” without mommy or daddy like a big girl, rode on the carousel but sat on the bench instead of the horse because when we went on the carousel at daddy’s company picnic it was kind of scary, ate french fries with ketchup, had an ice cream bar and part of mommy and daddy’s big donut (mommy and daddy’s favorite part of the fair) while we sat inside the building we went into when we saw the lightning and then it started to rain really hard, the rain making a loud noise on the tin roof and daddy figured out how to close the windows way up high where the wind was blowing the rain in and was everyone’s hero and it was thundering and kids were screaming and crying but we just ate our ice cream and donut until it stopped raining and then we got back on the bus to the car and rode home.

Whew. And my daughter’s favorite part that she talked about the most for the next few days…?

“Rode school bus!”


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