How television watching has changed…

As I mentioned previously, we watch a lot more on DVR now for two reasons: (1) we are too busy when our daughter is awake, and (2) we don’t want our daughter watching as much t.v. as we do.

Because of this, we are still watching episodes of House from May. Last night we watched one where a husband finds his wife having seizures in the bathtub and his, probably, say, 4 month old son has been under water for a period of time.

If you haven’t seen this episode, don’t follow the jump…

Later in the episode, the baby is smothered by the mother, and eventually dies. It was difficult to watch. Much more difficult than it would have been before we had a child; before we could relate anything bad happening to a child to our child.

Last year, before my daughter was one, there was an episode which also involved a baby. We only got through about 2 minutes of it before we decided we weren’t ready to watch such an episode.

I think this year we were able to make it all the way through because the infant in the show was much younger than our daughter is now.

It still doesn’t stop me from hoping we, and even more so, our daughter, never has to go through something like that. So far, we’ve been very fortunate. It is easy to forget, but, despite all the difficulties we’ve gone through with her, we’ve had it good.


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