Daniel LaRusso’s going to fight!

karate kidThere’s a scene in The Karate Kid where Mr. Myagi is showing Daniel how he should paint the fence. As he’s walking away, you hear him yelling back to Daniel, “Uuup! Dooooown! Uuuup! Doooooown!”

When my daughter was younger, and I would life her up to put her in her chair or her crib or her stroller, I would go “Uuuup!” as I picked her up, and “Doooown!” as I set her down.

It was one of the proudest days of my life when I picked her up with my usual, “Uuup!” and, as I set her down, she said, “Dooown!”

And she still does it to this day.

[Kaz: I tried the other day to get her to do “sand the floor,” but she couldn’t quite do it. Oh, well, plenty of time to learn that]


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