Happy Birthday, Mom! (I cannot keep a secret)

It was Ms. Kaz’s birthday the other day.

The day before, after picking my daughter up from daycare, we stopped at a local store which sells a lot of nice things that Ms. Kaz and I like. After spending the first few minutes petting the store’s cat (“looks like Marshy, dad!), we wandered the store looking for something my daughter could buy my wife for her birthday.

We immediately found a card with a monkey on it. That was easy.

Finally, my daughter found a coffee mug with a birthday candle on it (“candle, dad!” — she’s big into birthdays). After confirming with her 3 or 4 times (*nod* — with my daughter, “yes” means yes, a nod means YES!) that she wanted to buy the mug, we proceded home with our gift-bagged mug and card.

As soon as my wife got home, my daughter started saying, “tea cup, mom! candle, mom! tea cup!” Fortunately, my wife didn’t figure out what my daughter was trying to tell her. Unfortunately, I tried to tell my daughter that we needed to keep it a secret until tomorrow, mommy’s birthday. Of course, this just made my daughter want to give Ms. Kaz her present right away.

This year, I am going Christmas shopping by myself.

[Kaz: last night, right before bed, my daughter saw the mug and wanted to hold it and look at it. As she was looking at it, she saw the candle and immediately began trying to blow it out]

[Kaz: oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Ms. Kaz!]


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