Potty talk & more…

As previously mentioned, my sister and family were in town this past weekend. My sister has been through 2 kids, and certain has given our daughter’s development a kick start, mostly by being a little more aggressive than us. Not in a damage-the-kid kind of way, but more likely in a good way.

The first kick start she gave our daughter was with sitting on the potty. We Ms. Kaz may have let our daughter sit on the “big potty” once or twice previously. My sister encouraged our daughter to do it everytime, and our daughter loved it! I’m not sure she’s going to sit on her “little potty” ever again.

Right now, we’ve just been holding her as she sits on it. I think we need to get ourselves a potty seat (the kind that sits over a regular seat), and a step stool.

Now I feel good again because I have some baby gear to research!

The second kick-start courtesy of my sister is one I wasn’t quite ready to give up yet, and that is the restaurant high-chair. Okay, this one wasn’t completely my sister’s “fault” because my daughter wanted to sit in the booth with her little cousin and play. We gave in (with my sister’s encouragement) and let her sit in the booth for part of dinner.

A couple days later, she insisted on sitting in a regular chair instead of the high-chair. Again, we gave in and let her (this time was probably completely our fault). Okay, I know this is a weakness of ours mine – we I give in too much.

But sitting in a “big chair” is all well and good when you have 7 other people to entertain and contain her. When it is two people, it is harder to play goalie and keep her from wandering around.

I feel confident we will teach her how to behave in a restaurant. Or, we’ll just let her have her way and just never ever go back to those restaurants again.


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