Saving America’s Children with Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's American Pie Ice Cream

My daughter loves ice cream. It is one of the ways, when she was younger, she learned to say “more”. When we had our Daddy & Daughter night the other night, I asked her to tell mommy what we did. All she said was, “Ice cream, mom!”

Now, I know, a lot of you think Mssrs. Ben and Jerry “sold out” when they, well, sold out their share of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company. Maybe I am naive, but I like to think the company has still stuck to the ideals laid out by their founders.

I know a lot of the rest of you say, “Yeah, but now that Ben & Jerry’s paved the way, there are a lot of premium ice cream brands, and some of my local ice cream parlors make better ice cream.” I agree, I haven’t bought nearly as much Ben & Jerry’s as I used to. But, when my wife needed to recover from a particularly bad Terrible Twos day, and it was 10pm, I picked up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I think it was something with caramel and/or bits of ice cream cone. I don’t remember. It didn’t stick around long.

So what am I getting at, and how is ice cream going to save America’s children? Find out more after the jump…

Thanks for jumping…

So Ben & Jerry’s has this new flavor, American Pie (I’m sure they had to fight tooth and nail with Don McLean to call it that). It is apple pie flavored ice cream, apples and bits of pie crust. It sounds… okay, it doesn’t sound like something I’d like, but, hey, it caught my attention.

And that is what they are hoping to do. You see, Ben & Jerry are a little fed up with the US government spending a gazillion over $30 million annually on nuclear deterrence to the point where the US is #1 in the world (U-S-A! U-S-A!) in “Nuk-u-lar” spending. Meanwhile, we are #14 in efforts to lift kids out of poverty (U-uh-S-hmm-A?), 18th in percentage of kids living in poverty (uh…) and last (whee!) in all the world in providing health insurance for our kids.

So, Ben & Jerry want you to do something about it. And a good place to start for info is  Ben & Jerry’s American Pie page. Oh, sure, you’ll be bombarded with many more facts than I could plagiarize recite here. But there’s games and links and other neat stuff (including an eye-opening demonstration with a whole lot of BB’s).

So, go check it out, see how we’re messing up America’s kids, and then go take your kids for some ice cream, laugh with them, and give ’em a big hug as you put them to bed tonight.


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