A Night Out With My Daughter

My wife worked late tonight.

It isn’t often that I spend a fairly large amount of time taking care of my daughter by myself. There have been 2 or 3 hours here or there. Okay, so tonight was only about 4 hours or so. And my wife did come home before I managed to get my daughter to bed, which, if she went to bed at her normal time, would not normally happen.

But I spent the night under the assumption that I would be caring for her from pick-up-from-daycare time until bedtime.

The reason I didn’t was, well, I am a pushover. There. The first step is admitting it, right? Now, what’s the next step to recovery?

The night started off good. We came home, got changed, got ready to go out to the local drive-in for grilled cheeses and french fries. She sat nicely and ate her food well. When we got our soft-serve ice cream, she sat in the “big girl chair” and ate her cone just great.

Then she played me like a… damn, I got nothing good here. Just read the rest after the jump…

“Pet store, dad!” Well, okay, it was getting a little late, and we probably should go home. But she really wants to go. She loves those darned “Nemo fish” and “Dory fish” (we really don’t let her watch a lot of tv… really!).

Okay, pet store over. Now I gotta get her home. We’ll just cut reading time and singing time short tonight. Usually not a problem.

Whew. Made it home in good time. Not too far off-schedule. “A little walk, daddy!” Hmm.. okay, a little walk couldn’t hurt. “But just a minute or two, sweetie.” Oh, boy. The neighbor’s outside with his kids. Okay, we can say, “hello” really quick. Maybe just a little playing.

Oh, no. Here come some dogs. “puppy! lick attack!” Okay, puppies gone. Time to get her in and into her PJ’s. Quick reading and quick singing, then to bed. Before mommy gets home.

“One more, dad!” Okay, sweetie. One more book. And a little more snack. Okay. Green Eggs and Ham. “Standin’ up, dad!” Well… hamming it up to Green Eggs and Ham makes the book take longer, but… she doesn’t usually ask me to act it out, so… okay.

Uh oh. Is that mommy’s car?

Oh, uh, hey! We missed you, mommy! The good thing is you got to see her before bedtime, right? Right?

“Love you, mom”

All is good.


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