New breakthrough will revolutionize your drive-thru experience…

nosqueeze juicebox holder… at least according to the website (no, really, they say this product is useful not just at parks, playdates and daycares, but in the drive-thru!), which also lets us know that this product is not just for kids, but can also be used by commuters, grandparents, and teachers for their, uh, juice boxes. I know I hate squeezing my juice box too much in the morning and ruining my suit tie shirt (hey! get your mind out of the gutter!).
To be fair, this would be a useful product for us, since our daughter tends to squeeze juice boxes (a) when she first gets them in her hands, and (b) when she’s had enough and decides squeezing the juice box sounds like fun. And it would be easier to use this product than cut my own holes in a sippy cup lid.

The one thing I cannot figure out, though, is what prevents your child from pulling the juice box out of this holder and squeezing it anyhow?

NoSqueeze juice box holders, just $3.99 online (apparently, you get a random color scheme) @

If you’re trying to be a good green parent, and the thought of juice boxes piling up in dumps bothers you, you can try a little carbon offsetting juicebox offsetting by purchasing a reusable lunchbag made from old juiceboxes.

These bags are made by a women’s co-op in the Philippines. My wife has one, and they are actually pretty nice.

Recycled juicebox lunch bags from Bazura, starting at $19.99.


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