For dads too cool for a diaper bag…

vestApparently, the current “thing” for dads is to have their own daddy diaper bag, the mommy diaper bags being too feminine for the average dad to carry around. These bags are often diguised as something akin to a messanger bag. You can usually get them in camo or leather.

I’m not yet convinced. Surely, something better and cooler would come along.

Let me introduce you to The Tactical Daddy. This product allows today’s dads to carry all their diaper bag-ish needs in one handy, convenient, and dare I say, stylish vest. Having diapers or a pacfier available in velco procket also allows today’s dad to keep his hands free and, according to the website, “ready for action” (is this where the mommy comes in?).

And yes, it is available in camo.

So, if you’d like the latest in dad fashion/accessories, check out the website, and its two handy videos.

Hmm.. can I take a look at those daddy diaper bags again?


One Response to For dads too cool for a diaper bag…

  1. You know, everywhere I go these days I see young men with their “man purses.” And they pull it off…. usually. Sure, rough it up with burlap or patches, but it’s still a purse, fellas. Then again, I figure, if men can have purses, then diaper bags are the next logical fashion move. Thanks for the tip!

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