Look kids, it’s diaper mountain!

Ms. Kaz and I are treehuggers inasmuch as we can be. We try hard – probably harder than most people. However, we know there’s a lot more we can do, and we try to improve ourselves little by little.

Before our daughter was born, we decide, for the good of the Earth we will be leaving her, we would go with cloth diapers. We signed up with a service which would pick up the old and drop off the new.

Well, it was easy to slip from this ideal and rely on disposable, especially when travelling. Over time, it slipped a little more, then a little more. Oh, we still used them a good deal of time, but had to take breaks when the rash got a little severe, or we were out of town. It came to a point where the money we spent each month wasn’t worth the amount of cloth diapers which were “processed,” but we didn’t want to rely solely on disposables.

Then I read about gDiapers

I don’t want to go into the environmentality of gDiapers too much. You can find out a lot more on their website. But, to put it simply, gDiapers are almost a hybrid of cloth and disposable.

Like cloth, at least the kind we had, there is a “pant” part of it. There are velcro straps for fastening, and a liner. In this case, the liner snaps in, and can be removed to wash or replace.

Unlike cloth, the inserts are not, well, cloth. They are absorbant – I’d say moreso than cloth, but maybe not quite as much as disposable. The gDiapers gang does say you can double up the inserts, which can be especially useful at night (full disclosure – we’ve never used them overnight).

The inserts are the miracle of gDiapers. They are bleached, but not with the evil chlorine bleach. They have absorbers in them, but even these are safe (according to several studies). The whole thing can be disposed of in the toilet (please read the instructions for this carefully), or composted (if not solid waste). Again, much more information that this is available on the website, so please visit there and read up.

What I think is more important to share here is practical experience with gDiapers. I have two to share here: our own, and a coworker (a former cloth user, whom we introduced to gDiapers) .

Kaz & Ms. Kaz

There are definately some pros and cons to using gDiapers. The things we like about them are:

  • They are flushable, meaning we don’t have to worry about filling up landfills with them (like disposable), nor do we have to worry about washing them (or keeping them around until the service picks them up). If you have worries about what you are flushing, please see the gDiapers website. It isn’t as bad as you might think.
  • They are fairly easy to use. The insert is bigger than the pant you insert into, so a little “tucking” is required. Just like diapering, you become an old pro quickly.

However, there are some drawbacks to using them:

  • While they are pretty absorbant, when the waste is solid (especially when it is just “somewhat solid,” if you know what I mean), there is often “leakage” which requires the liner to be washed.
  • The pant fit doesn’t seem quite right around her belly area. So far, it hasn’t caused issues, however.
  • We have an old house, so, despite swizzling (warning: make sure to read the directions before using!!), we still get the occasional toilet clog. More a funciton of our plumbing than the gDiapers.
  • If your local store doesn’t carry them (check your local health food store), you have to order via internet. This could take some advanced planning.
  • I don’t know if this was just a one-time thing or not, but … the other day, our daughter had a rash, so we put some cream on it. When I went to take off her gDiaper, the insert stuck a little to her privates because of the cream. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen with disposable. More something for us to watch out for in the future.


I’m not really sure what more to add here, except they seem pretty happy. They were previously using cloth, washing the diapers themselves. This became a bit overwhelming to them, so they switched to disposable. I suggested gDiapers, and gave them some samples.

They were quite happy, and even more happy when they discovered they could use the inserts in the pants they already had for the cloth (their pants had a mesh which help the cloth diaper. The gDiapers inserts fit perfectly in there).

Most of the reasons they liked the gDiapers were exactly the reasons we did.


That’s my review. I intended to get this published a long time ago, but, as you can see, it is a lengthy post, and I wanted to be happy with it before I published it. I hope it was useful to those of you looking for an alternative to cloth or disposposable. If you have an experiences or opinions to share, let us know.


5 Responses to Look kids, it’s diaper mountain!

  1. zygote daddy says:

    d.w. and I have been planning on using gDiapers for some time now, but I have yet to read anything by someone who has actually used them. So thanks for the review!

    (Kaz: glad it helped! Let us know what you think!)

  2. Dear Kaz, Ms Kaz and Zygote Daddy,

    Thanks so much for having a swing with gDiapers. Your feedback is absolutley in line with research we have been doing internally. We will have an improved fit for Q1 next year and are working on a flushable that absorbs more, channels and flushes even easier ( is that English?) As there is no plastic, tossing the flushable is better for the planet than tossing a disposable so if you have a dodgy toilet or are out and about, that too is an option.

    Zygote Daddy,

    Check out http://www.flushability.com. We have 500 Mums and Dads on this user group talking g till the cows come home! Also, babycenter.com has reviews from customers.

    Please do call us if you have questions. We are in Portland on 503 546 4666. We can talk diapers for the forever!

    Thanks again,

    dad/ CEO

  3. Lu says:

    First of all a baby does not need diapers. It is a myth.

    Why do we need diapers when we can use Ellimination Communication with the baby? For centuries mothers from all over the world have raised their kids diaperless. That’s how we raised ours and as a result we used just a dozen disposable dipers from age 0 to 15 months. It is so simple and Earth friendly

    See http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/5-diap/42-natural-infant-hygiene.htm or just search for Ellimination Communication on Google

  4. Could you recommend any specific resources, books, or other blogs on this topic?

  5. quel baise says:

    Hi from spain, good blog. I will come back later to see what’s new.

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