What we are playing with: Melissa & Doug wooden toys

trainWhen my daughter isn’t lining up her Fischer-Price Little People for parades, my daughter’s been showing an interest in her wooden toys from Melissa & Doug, a toy company right here in Connecticut.

She has a couple of puzzles, which I think she is enjoying because she’s gotten a lot better at putting the cutout animals in the cutout holes in which they belong. She also seems to be enjoying the wooden “stackable” train. We bought this for her because lately she has shown an interest in, among other things, trains. And they are wooden, not plastic (like the Little People). Sure, they aren’t hip, or trendy, or whatever. They are simple, and my daughter loves them. And they aren’t plastic.

The wooden “stackable” pieces have holes, which fit over the pegs on the train’s cars. Each car has different spacing for the holes in the wooden pieces, so certain pieces only fit on certain cars. This has resulted in a bit of frustration for my daughter, but I think the point is for her to learn. So far, what she’s learned is that if you ask mommy and daddy, they’ll do it for you.

In the meantime, when she gets frustrated, she just puts those darned Little People on the train and pushes them around.


One Response to What we are playing with: Melissa & Doug wooden toys

  1. yea i agree with you. kids have their your own ways to express themself

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