One Stop Gear Guide (or so their press release says)

Looking for the latest news on gear for your kids, and daddytypes is down? We kid, daddytypes rarely goes down. Want to buy the same shoes for your kid that Suri is wearing? Okay, we don’t know that she really exists, let alone what shoes she wears. Well, Children’s Market may be the place for you.

The site bills itself as the “only directory site on the Internet featuring children’s shopping in gear, clothes and toys”. They also feature upcoming release (cool), celebrity baby products (what the celebs are buying their kids.. meh), local shopping guides (okay, but I’m guessing they are only there if they contact the company to be put there), online shopping directory (likewise), product recalls (with pictures – okay, this is really cool and useful), and other industry news/events/tradeshows/etc (may be of some interest to you).

They are currently running a contest with a chance to win some gear, including a Maclaren Volo. To win you have to agree to get their newsletter mailed to you every Tuesday, though. Might or might not be worth it.

It looks like the site is still pretty new, so let’s wait to see how it develops. In the meantime, we recommend letting Greg at daddytypes separate the wheat from the chaff.


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