Travelling With the Kids: Boutique Hotels

One thing that has kept us from staying at a nice boutique hotel when travelling is the very expensive cost fear of our daughter breaking something expensive, and the dirty looks from not wanting to disturb the people who’ve spent good hard-earned money to stay there.

Fortunately, The Globe and Mail from our friends up north has come to our rescue with a list of boutique hotels (domestic and international) which cater to and welcome youngsters.

The amenities actually sound pretty nice; a children’s library, dinosaur towels, baby monitors, baby-sitting services, even child-sized bathrobes and slippers. Of course, you are paying a premium (the hotels listed range from $219 to $499 a night), but you know that when you select a boutique hotel anyhow. It’s not like you’re not going to pay that much to stay at a Disney hotel.

So, if this is your price-range, and you want a little luxury without worrying about the kids, these hotels are worth checking out.

Me? I’ll just look at the pretty pictures on the hotel’s website.


One Response to Travelling With the Kids: Boutique Hotels

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