Meaning of Words

Recently, Ms. Kaz and I have been trying to get our daughter to drink more water. Part of the reason is that she’s become a bit addicted to juice (she says she can stop anytime and she only has it to take the edge off, but…), and the weather has been so darned hot.

We’ve instituted a “water only” rule at dinnertime.

We also try to instill in her a good sense of manners, saying, “please” and “thank you” and “sorry”. We like to think we’ve done a good job. Sometimes she needs to be prompted, but, hey, she’s only two.

Then there was last night…

Last night, my daughter threw one of her two-year-old fits because we gave her water, and she wanted, “milk, mommy!”

A few minutes into the fit, she began apologizing, saying, amid the crying, “sorry, momma! whining!” and, “sorry, daddy! whining!”

Which would have been fine, and quite humorous had she not continued to do it. After she calmed down, I tried to explain to her that saying your sorry is nice, but what we really want is for her to say, “sorry” and then stop doing the behavior she is apologizing for. I’m not sure it stuck.

I think we’ve moved on to phase two of manners – meaning it when you say it.


One Response to Meaning of Words

  1. EB says:

    Our son has grown up thinking that juice is the concoction we make by cutting store-bought juice with about four parts extra water to one part juice. You do that?

    That really helped. Not only was he getting a lot less empty sugars, but the transition to water was not so great.

    (Kaz: yeah, since we cannot cut the juice addiction completely, we mix with water. To be fair, we also give her organic, and we try our best to get her something besides just apple juice. She also likes this Orange-Carrot blend juice, as well as Pear juice) 

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