Shout out to other daddy types

I thought I’d drop a quick note about some of the other daddy types who also blog whom I am currently reading/trying to keep up with reading. Some I knew before blogging. Others, I’ve discovered since.

The king of blogging for daddy types, is, of course, Greg over at This blog is a good source for news on the latest gear. Especially recommended for new dads.

The guys over at are some of the guys who inspired me to daddy blog. They are all good writers, funny, insightful. Check them out. You can get to their individual blogs from this one, as well. is a dad who’s gotten his son (or maybe his son has gotten himself) interested in politics at the local level. I think it is becoming more and more important that kids take an interest in politics at some point before they are of voting age. They’re gonna have to try and un-do this mess we’ve created.

Finally, for this addition, one I just discovered is daddy-to-be, zygotedaddy. Another source for some green parenting ideas (hopefully, this shout out will encourage him to share even more ideas with us all).


One Response to Shout out to other daddy types

  1. zygote daddy says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. I realize I’ve been straying recently from my blog’s intended ecology-meets-pregnancy vibe, so I appreciate the nudge back in the right direction. The pressure’s on now! šŸ™‚

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