Dad Quick Tip: The DVR

Dads, you want one of these. You may not know it, but you want one of these. If you are a dad-to-be, it is likely your wife does not know she wants one of these, either. I know my wife didn’t. But, for some reason, she trusts me.

Once we got on of these, and the baby was born, my wife realized how much she couldn’t live without it. Ok, exaggeration. We could live without it. But now that we have one, we don’t want to give it up.

Now, I am not advocating television watching. But we all have our vices. Lost and House, for example. Ms. Kaz will hate me for telling you so, but she’s got a little addiction to What Not To Wear and medical oddity shows.

Some pro’s were obvious to me. “Honey, if you are watching a show, and the baby cries, you can pause the show for up to an hour!” Some we learned later, “I can watch What Not To Wear at 3am when I am up with the baby” (okay, to be fair, she also watched Angels In America via the DVR in small chunks).

And with a child, you can never watch your favorite shows when they are actually on — only when they are in bed for the night, or napping.

And don’t forget fast-forwarding through commercials!

Of course, there were no-so-obvious cons — “Wait. What did he say? Rewind it, I missed it!”

Oh, sure, you can get similar results for some shows with video-on-demand, or even youTube. But the DVR is so much more flexible and responsive.

If you don’t believe me, Will at has also recently shared his love for the DVR.


2 Responses to Dad Quick Tip: The DVR

  1. Whitney says:

    Heck yeah. We cannot live without it. Everywhere we travel now, when there are commercials, I reach for the remote as if I were going to be able to skip them.

    If you are anti-tv for you kid, it’s also nice to know that you’ll just watch whatever you want after they are asleep.

    (Kaz: Not just elsewhere, but on my own TV, when I actually watch something live, I reach for the remote and try to fast-foward through the commercials, only to remember it is not recorded!)

  2. Dan says:

    We bought one when my daughter was born. As you say compleatly invaluable for the first year or two – becomes less so when they are a bit older and realise that you also have their programs stored on it. You can say goodbye to anything other than bob the builder or Thomas the tank engine during their waking hours

    – of course that’s just my experience, could be that I’m just weak.

    (Kaz: fortunately, my daughter hasn’t figured that one out yet. She does about turning the tv on, so we can’t  use the “the tv is resting” bit, or the “Nemo is sleeping” bit anymore)

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