Wanna help your kids get obese? Want to teach them how to destroy the environment? Looking for a little one-stop shopping? Well, McDonalds and GM want to help you out. They are teaming up to introduce the Hummer Happy Meal (my term, not theirs).

Okay, okay. I pick on GM about the Hummer – don’t worry they’ve made everything okay. There’s a 1 in 8 chance that your child will get the Happy Meal with the H2H, a hydrogen powered Hummer (for the environmentalist whose insecure in his manhood). But wait! There’s more! I’ll let their press release speak to the REAL fun of these toys:

For added fun, guests can customize their H2H with custom-applied “Hydrogen” stickers.


Get the full scoop at Autoblog.


One Response to McHummer

  1. comfort says:

    check out the McD’s sign-o-matic gizmo at RonaldMcHummer links to EWG’s Auto Asthma Index and, so there’s even “good for you” food with the fun.

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