An open letter to Johnson’s…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I sent an email off to Johnson’s regarding their intent to set up a portal/directory/cofee shop/whatever you wish to call it for mommybloggers and potential mommybloggers.

I haven’t heard back from them. Maybe they are still backlogged, I don’t know. But, I figured maybe I will go the open letter route, allow everyone to see what I wrote, agree with me, tell me I don’t know what I am talking about, pass it on to their friend who works at Johnson’s…

Or maybe there is a potential backer for a daddyblogger version of this same thing reading this right now. Perhaps a company that wishes to appeal to a target market of men who already have children (Trojan, I’m looking at you).

The (slightly edited) email after the jump…

To Whom It May Concern:

I read with great interest your press release from the
BlogHer conference concerning your intentions to build
a network for Mom bloggers to increase visibility, as
well as help potential mom bloggers to become mom

I think this is fantastic. Being part of the parental
blogging community for several years now, I know that
they build a sense of community and a sense of trust
which allows people to share information, ideas and
opinions. They are a great source of parenting advice,
news, and information on new products. They also let
parents know that they aren’t alone in their problems
and concerns.

I think having your corporate support behind the
network will add great strength to the community of
moms and mom bloggers.

I wish to point out that there are also similiar
communities for father and parents, which could also
benefit from such a network and such a backing.

These days, in many families around the country and
around the world, the traditional “roles” of mother
and fathers are becoming blurred. Fathers have much
more of a role in what were traditionally “mom” roles,
and vice versa. I know of many fathers who read mom
blogs and many moms who read dad blogs. Often times,
on many subjects, there is no difference between a mom
blog and a dad blog, simply who is writing the words.

I understand there are some subjects and areas where
moms may not feel comfortable opening up in front of
dads. But that is the nature of the blog, and as I
said, I think many mom blogs sites are frequented by
dads already.

I just wanted to share my thoughts while applauding
you for helping mom bloggers. I cannot expect you to
throw your support and resources into dad blogs the
way you will with mom blogs, but at the very least, I
think it might be important to keep dad blogs in mind
as you develop this network.


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