Crashing the gates

July 28, 2006

Greg over at Daddytypes continues to add to his celebrity, being quoted (well, okay, not an actual quote) in an article about Mommies as Gatekeepers in Time magazine.

I’m not actually sure if this is in the print issue or just on-line, as we stopped our subscription once Time Magazine and Ann Coultier became an item, and started their public displays of affection.

It is an interesting article, though. I don’t think it applies 100% to all couples. I think there are some daddies who do a lot of “mommy work” and a some mommies who let them (Myself and Ms. Kaz to some extent).

There are some things I just don’t want to try. I am sure I am quite capable of dressing our daughter myself. But to offer to do it every day? I think my wife would take me up on it, and I don’t want that. The thing in my life that takes the most mental energy is trying to figure out which pants go with which shirt. This isn’t a dad issue, it is a Kaz issue.

But it is an interesting article, go read it.

And tell Time and Ann to get a room.


My Daddy Blogs

July 27, 2006

daddy's blog

Now that I have a daddyblog, I can get my daughter one of these.

Although, this really seems more of a conversation starter than a marketing tool, since I see nowhere to put the address. Besides, I don’t think my daughter is wide enough yet for “”.

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(Also via the king of gear, DaddyTypes)

Dad Quick Tip: Taking photos of your kids

July 27, 2006


Here are a few tips I wanted to pass on about taking photos of your kids (especially the younger set). Most of these are not anything new, and can be found elsewhere, but are things that I have found useful. Please note that I work strictly in digital, so I cannot guarantee all these tips translate to film.

(Tips after the jump…)

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Dad Quick Tip: Bathtime

July 27, 2006

My daughter freaks out when water runs down her face during bathtime.

We’ve finally settled on the following trick for rinsing her hair:

1. Press the washcloth up against her forehead at the hair line
2. Use whatever trick necessary to get her to look up (“Look up at the
     ceiling at the stars/puppies/trains/kitties/whatever”)
3. Rinse as fast as is humanly possible
4. Praise her for doing a great job

It works 90% of the time. Often times she’ll even tell US what she’s looking at (“Look up at the kitties!” “No! Moon!”).

Anyone else have any tricks that work? I personally cannot stand when she enters bathtub freakout mode.

What the smart kids read…

July 26, 2006

Over at scienceblog, they asked a bunch of scientists what their favorite childrens books are. I suggest you go check some of them out, and buy some for your kids. Maybe they’ll grow up to be physists phisyssis scientists.

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1 Sentence Book Review: Eric Carle

July 25, 2006

the very hungry caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

A tale which reinforces unhealthy eating habits, reassuring children that, despite getting grossly overweight, they will still turn into a beautiful butterfly, as if by magic.

I like peanut butter…

July 25, 2006

Who doesn’t like peanut butter?

Like good parents, we wanted to wait until our daughter was two before trying her out on peanut butter. Okay, a few weeks before she turned two, we gave her a dish with a sauce which had some peanut butter in it. But there was very little. And she hardly ate any of it.

People tried to tell us not to worry about it – they gave their kids peanut butter well before two with no issues.

But we had our reasons. Our daughter had some serious colic when she was younger, and had to be on nutramagen for what seemed like a lot longer than she was actually alive. Plus she’s our first. And we worry too much.

So, as her second birthday approached, we were excited about introducing her to the wonderful taste of peanut butter. “Let’s give her peanut butter today,” we’d say. “No, we’re travelling too far. What if she has a reaction. How about tomorrow?” “No, we’re going out to lunch” “She’ll be at daycare, and neither of us will be close by”

Finally, an opportunity to bring joy to her and her taste buds!

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