Free to a good home: 2 f%$!* cats


Okay, not really, but if anyone has advice short of therapy (for them, not us) to give us on how to deal with our cats, please let us know.

Oh, they were wonderful cats before the baby arrived. But once we brought her into the house, they became monsters. Not to our daughter, but to us.

A chronological list of just the highlights, after the jump.

  • Before our daughter was born, we would sleep with our bedroom door closed. No issues.
  • Not long after we brought her home, the cats learned that they could reach under our door and rattle it, thus waking us up. For what? I’m not sure. They never really slept with us.
  • We added some plastic door guard thing to keep them from reaching under. They began to claw/paw at the door.
  • We added some sticky tape stuff made to keep cats from scratching.
  • They learned that if they rattled the baby’s door, we would get up even quicker, to keep the baby from waking up.
  • We slept with our door open. They began to scratch under the bed.
  • We tried a squirt gun. We tried leaving their food out all night, thinking they were hungry. They never learned.

Finally, they learned to stop scratching. Instead, they now, at anywhere between 4:30 and 5:30 am:

  • Meow
  • Fight
  • Rub against the lampshade
  • Lick our fingers
  • Step on the alarm clock, sometimes turning on the radio
  • Knock stuff over

One of us will get up and lock whichever one we can catch in the downstairs bathroom. Did I mention this bathroom now has a hook on the outside of the door because they’ve learned to open it otherwise?

I am too much a softy to lock them up all night.

Anyone know any valuable lessons they care to pass on?

I think they’re getting back at us for bringing the baby home.

One Response to Free to a good home: 2 f%$!* cats

  1. zygote daddy says:

    Dude, have you seen (and no, I’m not comment spamming — though I realize it probably sounds like that!) They might take cats in a tub. Great pic, either way.

    Sorry to say it, but I imagine they are punishing you for bringing another little “cat” into the house. I’m a softy too, so I’m not going to be the one to tell you to lock them up.

    I figure they’ll get used to it eventually, right?

    (Kaz: I am beginning to believe it is a punishment. I thought, well, maybe they really are hungy. But this morning, Ms. Kaz went downstairs and I was still in bed, and one cat stayed and bothered me, the other went downstairs, ate, then came back up to bother me. Sometimes I think they are dumb; other times, I think they are smarter than us)

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