Things My Daugher Taught Me – Impressions

Before my daughter was born, I used to care about how I looked. Okay, I still want to look respectable. When I can. However, many times after she was born, I’d go out in a stained shirt, my hair all matted from sweat (I’d throw a baseball cap on), a few days worth of stubble. I am sure my clothes clashed. But, running to the store, I didn’t really care.

Today, I took another step. We have one of those plastic kiddie pools for her. During her nap, I set up to warm up a little. She woke up, saw the pool, and got all excited, so we took her out.

Damn, if it wasn’t hot, sitting there in the sun watching her enjoy her pool. So, I said, “f#!@ it,” went upstairs, put on my swimsuit, and sat there in the this little plastic kiddie pool, arms and legs hanging over the side.

She and I had a blast, and it felt soooooo refreshing.  I didn’t care how silly I looked.

I think tomorrow, I will fill it up and enjoy it all to myself during her naptime.

Maybe I’ll complete the picture with a beer.

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