Dad Quick Tip: Bathtime

My daughter freaks out when water runs down her face during bathtime.

We’ve finally settled on the following trick for rinsing her hair:

1. Press the washcloth up against her forehead at the hair line
2. Use whatever trick necessary to get her to look up (“Look up at the
     ceiling at the stars/puppies/trains/kitties/whatever”)
3. Rinse as fast as is humanly possible
4. Praise her for doing a great job

It works 90% of the time. Often times she’ll even tell US what she’s looking at (“Look up at the kitties!” “No! Moon!”).

Anyone else have any tricks that work? I personally cannot stand when she enters bathtub freakout mode.

3 Responses to Dad Quick Tip: Bathtime

  1. MetroDad says:

    Thanks for the trick, dude. We’ll try anything! Peanut hates getting her hair washed and screams hysterically whenever a molecule of shampoo gets in her eyes. We were thinking of dosing her with some Ambien but we’ll try your way first.

    (Kaz: I’d be interested to know if it works for you. Our daughter doesn’t even need shampoo. Just wetting her hair, if water goes in her face, sometimes she’ll have this sharp intake of breath, stand up and say, “all done! all done! all done!”)

  2. J says:

    Try a bath visor. We used one for my daughter and son when they didn’t like getting water in their face. If the link doesn’t work, just google bathtub visor

    (Kaz: I’ve heard other people mention these. My daughter tends to take too much of an interest in things we make her wear on her head. I’d be afraid of this joining our pile of “things we never used or used once.” I think if we were to have another, I might use this as an option and start when the child is much younger)

  3. J says:

    About the bath visor, we bought an extra one so our daughter or son could play with one while we used the other one to rinse his/her hair. After the first couple of times using it, they were more interested in picking out which one to wear and which one to play with. We’re now in the process of teaching them (daughter is 3, son is 2) to lean back and put the back of their head in the bath to rinse off. We hold them with one hand and use a cup of water in the other hand. It forces them to look straight up at the ceiling and not get a drop of water in their face (unless you sneeze, which may or may not have happened), although my son doesn’t really care about getting water in his face anymore.

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