I like peanut butter…

Who doesn’t like peanut butter?

Like good parents, we wanted to wait until our daughter was two before trying her out on peanut butter. Okay, a few weeks before she turned two, we gave her a dish with a sauce which had some peanut butter in it. But there was very little. And she hardly ate any of it.

People tried to tell us not to worry about it – they gave their kids peanut butter well before two with no issues.

But we had our reasons. Our daughter had some serious colic when she was younger, and had to be on nutramagen for what seemed like a lot longer than she was actually alive. Plus she’s our first. And we worry too much.

So, as her second birthday approached, we were excited about introducing her to the wonderful taste of peanut butter. “Let’s give her peanut butter today,” we’d say. “No, we’re travelling too far. What if she has a reaction. How about tomorrow?” “No, we’re going out to lunch” “She’ll be at daycare, and neither of us will be close by”

Finally, an opportunity to bring joy to her and her taste buds!

Us: “What would you like for breakfast? How about peanut butter! ooo!”
Daughter: “No! Bagel!”
Us: “But peanut butter is so good!”
Daughter: “No! Bagel!”
Us: “Okay, while your bagel toasts, here’s some peanut butter on bread.”
Daughter, handing it back to us: “No! Take it!”
Us: “Why not just leave it there and, if you want, you can try some.”
Daughter: “No! Take it!”
Us: *sigh*

We eventually got her to eat some Panda Puffs, an organic version of Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch, which, I am happy to report, she loves.

Update: at breakfast a few days later, we noticed a bit of a splotchy rash on her face. We weren’t sure if they were there before or after she started eating her cereal. Anyway, we mentioned it to her pediatrician (she had an appointment a couple days later), and she recommended we see an allergist, and refrain from giving her any more peanut butter until then.

2 Responses to I like peanut butter…

  1. chris says:

    Peanut butter is such a great food, it’s hard to believe it can be so evil and insidious!

  2. Bubba McBubba says:

    Hrm. Ack. See my comment on the August post after the visit to the allergist.

    I can’t help but think my own particular sensitivity to the smell of peanuts is due to some inbuilt genetic safety valve. If folks like me are going to be saddled with the risk of anaphylaxis from a simple little legume, we’re gifted with the superpower of detecting the allergen from long distances and refusing them stridently.

    This, of course, is in no way an indictment of you or Ms. Kaz. So, please, don’t beat y’selves up any more than I’m sure you already have.

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on posts from last quarter.

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