1 Sentence Book Review: Eric Carle

the very hungry caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

A tale which reinforces unhealthy eating habits, reassuring children that, despite getting grossly overweight, they will still turn into a beautiful butterfly, as if by magic.


2 Responses to 1 Sentence Book Review: Eric Carle

  1. The worst of the children’s book authors, the most utterly moronic, stupid, boring clumsy, repetitive, ill-conceived, cat-crap waste of time authors has to be Eric Carle. This stupid s@%$ can’t write text to save his life – most of it consists of dull, repetitive prose that often repeats THE SAME DAMN LINE over and over again. The “Copy” and “Paste” keys on his computer must be worn out from overuse. Not only does the kid gets bored listening, the parent reading the book is driven nearly to scratch their own eyes and ears out from the sheer crushing numbing repetitive DULLNESS of these books ! And the illustrations don’t help either. Can’t even salvage the bad text with something that’ll keep the kid amused with something to look at. Some art editor in New York City must love these illustrations, these deranged products of a crack-whore on PCP experiencing an LSD flashback, but me and my kids sure don’t. Who buys these shitty kids books ? Can’t be parents. I think the people who buy them aren’t parents at all, don’t have kids themselves, but are buying them for a neice, a nephew, a grandchild, some other relative or friend.

    [Kaz: Wow. I’m guessing you won’t be visiting the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art anytime soon, huh?]

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