Things My Daughter Taught Me – The four day weekend

Hooray! A four day weekend!

One thing I gotta say, regular weekends are not enough. Between trying to forget about work and trying to get a whole bunch of quality time in with Ms. Kaz and our daughter (I gotta find something to call her here), there’s just not enough time to really step back and enjoy the time.

Now, add on top of that the fact that we drove 6 hours to start the weekend, and you can see why, despite how much I love seeing our families, I was still feeling wiped out on Saturday afternoon, when we trekked to an uncle’s house for dinner.

My daughter refused to eat, which didn’t help matters much. I think it was all the excitement.

“Daddy! OutsiiiIIIIiiide!” *sigh* fine.

This uncle (Ms. Kaz’s), has a huge, rolling backyard. Just grass. No trees. A long long way to some woods, a swamp, and the road. My daughter began to run. I ran with her. She started to laugh. I started to laugh with her. I caught her, picked her up and began to spin her around and around.

I looked at her face. There was a look of sheer joy and she laughed. I had to laugh to. I put her down and we’d stumble around all dizzy until we both fell, laying on the ground, laughing and looking up at the sky.

“Again!” We did it again. More laughing, more joy, more dizziness, more sky.

“Daddy! Spinning!” Again. “More spinning!” Again.

Eventually, I was exhausted, just laying there with my daughter. And I realized that I was thinking of nothing but how much fun I was having with my daughter. No work. No thinking about the drive back. No thinking about whether she would fall asleep okay and sleep through the night. No telling her to stay out of there, or not to touch that, or do that. No worry about where she was going, what she was going to break, or what she was about to do.

I think for a while, I was the same as my daughter — nothing to care about but having fun. And we did.


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