Things My Daughter Taught Me – The Pizza Edition

sallysMan, I love pizza.

If I had to eat a last meal, it would be pizza. Probably from Sally’s or Bar in New Haven, CT. Maybe Bocce Club in Buffalo, NY.

I can eat a lot of it. Give me a medium at a pizza place, or even (okay, it pales in comparison, but there’s still some I like) a frozen pizza, and I can easily finish it myself. And up until this point, I still do.

But my daughter is two now. She’s been eating much of what we eat for a while now. In the past, we would cook her up her own little pizza and cut it up into bite-sized pieces (fun sized!). However, now she wants, “Big piece!” This includes pizza.

You see, I haven’t had to share since I was a kid. I got to be selfish, self-centered, whatever you want to call it, it was all about me. Taking care of numero uno.

Sure, when I started dating Ms. Kaz (before she was Ms. Kaz), I began to care about other people. Person. Anyone who is serious about another person (hopefully) knows what I am talking about. You sacrifice. But even Ms. Kaz respected my need to devour a lot of pizza. Especially something as small as a frozen pizza. She didn’t dare ask to share mine. It was one of the small sacrifices she made in the relationship.

Now I have a daughter. A daughter who cannot quite grasp the idea of sacrifice. I haven’t really had to share pizza with my daughter. Not when there was a risk of my not getting all I wanted. But we’ve been working up to it. I’ve learned to share other things – some ice cream here, some candy there, some salty snacks here and there.

And you know what? It hasn’t really been that bad. We don’t do it in excess, and it makes her happy, and to me, that is the best one of the best feelings in the world – seeing her happy. I’ve learned to share. And learning to share is one small component of learning that my world no longer revolves around me, but around my family. Okay, most of the time, around my daughter.

Which brings me back to pizza. Pizza is still sacred ground. I don’t think it will be for long.

When my daughter wants some of my pizza, I will not hesitate before giving her some.


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