Riding out the storm…

“Boom boom boom, Mr. Brown is a wonder.
Boom boom boom, Mr. Brown makes thunder.”

Tonight’s storm warning was in effect until 8pm tonight. Of course, the storms started around 8:30, not long after my daughter’s bedtime. Oh, she’s slept through storms before, but tonight, the circumstances were a little different.

Because of the God-awful humidity we’ve been having, there is a window fan in her bedroom. This causes the window to not be shut completely, allowing additional light and noise to enter the room.

Then, the loudest clap of thunder I’ve heard in a long long while woke her up.

We took her in our bedroom to look out at the lightening lightning, and listen to the thunder and talk about them. We reassured her (about what, I’m not quite certain), and took her back in her room to sing and go night-night.

We even let her sleep with her new elephant (Horton, of hearing a Who fame).

8:56, and she’s crying again.

Let’s hope the storm passes quickly.

12:15am Update: Another storm arrives. Daughter cries a bit, but goes back to sleep. Mommy and daddy lay awake wondering if she’ll wake up again.

7:00am Update: Daughter spend all morning talking about the storms, and the loud thunder, and the flashing lights, and petting elephant, and telling him it is okay, it is just a storm, and how mommy and daddy talked about the storm… Oh, and an occasional, “stay away, thunder” thrown in.


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