Bedtime rituals

“Toes first!”

I am all about rituals. Okay, some might say I am obsessive compulsive because I never take the top cup at the coffee machine, or I never take the front-most product at the grocery store (just to name a few). But here, I am talking about bedtime rituals – namely, my daughter’s.

Some I understand, because they are learned; books, snack, milk downstairs. Feed the cats. Go upstairs to brush teeth, read (with daddy) or sing (with mommy).

However, my daughter seems to come up with some of her own. A particular ritual will last a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The thing I can’t understand is where she comes up with them. A few examples after the jump.

Only certain stuffed animals can sleep in the wire mesh box (which used to hold cloth diapers) next to her bed. One animal a night. We never know which one it will be (although we can be guaranteed it isn’t the one we pick).

My daughter sleeps with two lovies – a bear (night night bear) and a giraffe (Arthur). Lately, bear has to sleep at the opposite end of the crib, because he’s a “naughty bear”. (side note – these two lovies also have to be on their particular side of my daughter)

A few months ago, she had to touch each of my knees before going to bed. 

The last couple of nights, my daughter, as I am rubbing her back and shushing her to sleep, has been saying, “daddy! toes first!” I then have to, as she lays there, hold up each foot so she can touch my toes and giggle. Despite the giggles, she will usually go right to sleep after this.

I am sure there are many more which do not come to mind at the moment. I wonder if this is typical for kids her age, or if she just picked up some of my weirdness personality.


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