Happy Anniversary


6 years ago, Ms. Kaz and I got married. 2 years ago, we celebrated our anniversary apart; she was in a hospital bed, while I was at a Thai restaurant with my in-laws.

You see, our daughter decided to arrive a few days early, namely, the day before our anniversary. In the end, it turned out okay, because we learned a few days later that the restaurant we had intended to go to had a roof fire, and was closed for a few months.

This year, we spent our anniversary at a birthday party for our daughter and a whole bunch of other little kids. We decided to have the party at someplace other than our house. We decided this after last year when we learned that having a party at a house with no a/c in the middle of the summer was not a good idea.

Of course, we went and invited people over to our house afterwards, which meant we had to: mow the lawn, weed the patio, clean the house, buy drinks.. in other words, basically do all the work of having a party at your house, while still spending the money to have it elsewhere.

It was worth it. The kids had a blast at the party location, and the adults enjoyed hanging out afterwards.

But, getting back to our anniversary – as I said, we celebrated with a children’s party, and I learned a lot this year. I learned that spending our anniversary with my wife and daughter can be a lot of fun. My wife and I didn’t get to spend the night at a bed and breakfast, or go out for a fabulous dinner, but we all had a great time.

And after my daughter went down to bed, Ms. Kaz and I lit a candle, sat in the backyard, and drank a bottle of 2001 Finca Sandoval (if you can get a hold of a bottle of this, I highly recommend it).

Happy anniversary, Ms. Kaz!


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