What we are reading…

We have all sorts of books on our daughter’s bookshelf.

Like any kid, she’ll go through phases where there are a few books she wants to read, and others that she wants nothing to do with. Then she’ll change them all up again.

Since she cannot read the words yet (or, at least, she isn’t letting on), I can sometimes have a little fun when reading the books. One book I’ve had some fun with is Eric Carle’s, The Tiny Seed.

The story stars innocently enough. It is the classic tale of one seed, much smaller than the other seeds, who manages to survive life (in this case, floating through the air) while the stronger, more popular seeds from the same flower meet various tragic ends (burning up, getting eaten by mice, destroyed because it violated Monsanto seed copyrights, etc).

The seed eventually settles down and begins to grow (again, while other seeds, now plants, meet various ends). The seed eventually grows into the largest flower ever in the whole wide world. Ah ha, an opening for some creative daddy changes…

The giant flower begins to frighten the townspeople, perhaps even devouring some. The townspeople send an army of birds, bees, and butterflies to attack it. Eventually, the flower is defeated and destroyed by a giant gust of wind… or has it?! dun-dun-dunnnnn

Update: for more great book reviews, check out daddytype’s bizarre book contest.


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