The Big Talk (Part II)

July 31, 2006

Ms. Kaz and I finally got around to watching The Incredibles this weekend.

As with every movie/tv show, when they got to the scene with some family discord (siblings being siblings), I made the comment, “Are you sure you want more?”

The following conversation went something like this*

Ms. Kaz: That’s a family of superheroes. We aren’t superheroes.
Me: What are you talking about? I have superpowers.
Ms. Kaz: Really? And what are your superpowers?
Me: Well, for one thing, I can charm the opposite sex.
Ms. Kaz: You aren’t charming me right now.
Me: See? That’s your superpower! Resistance to my charm!

* This wasn’t the actual conversation, but my version is much more interesting.

Free to a good home: 2 f%$!* cats

July 31, 2006


Okay, not really, but if anyone has advice short of therapy (for them, not us) to give us on how to deal with our cats, please let us know.

Oh, they were wonderful cats before the baby arrived. But once we brought her into the house, they became monsters. Not to our daughter, but to us.

A chronological list of just the highlights, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

A day at the beach…

July 30, 2006

Not much to report today. We spent the morning at the beach.

We decided that, at 2 years old, our daughter would really enjoy the beach this year. She did. Playing in the sand, collecting shells, trying to play with other kids’ beach toys.

She didn’t want to go into the water too far, which is good because there was a little bit of a jellyfish problem today. Sitting at the edge of the water with her, she giggled happily as the waves came in. I think partly because of the water surrounding her, and partly because of my reaction as the waves surrounded me (dads, you know what I mean).

I didn’t bring the camera – I wanted to enjoy the beach without worrying about pictures. I wish I had gotten a few, though.

One thing I do wish I had brought was a beach umbrella or tent. Anyone know where I can get a good quality one of those things??

Things My Daugher Taught Me – Impressions

July 29, 2006

Before my daughter was born, I used to care about how I looked. Okay, I still want to look respectable. When I can. However, many times after she was born, I’d go out in a stained shirt, my hair all matted from sweat (I’d throw a baseball cap on), a few days worth of stubble. I am sure my clothes clashed. But, running to the store, I didn’t really care.

Today, I took another step. We have one of those plastic kiddie pools for her. During her nap, I set up to warm up a little. She woke up, saw the pool, and got all excited, so we took her out.

Damn, if it wasn’t hot, sitting there in the sun watching her enjoy her pool. So, I said, “f#!@ it,” went upstairs, put on my swimsuit, and sat there in the this little plastic kiddie pool, arms and legs hanging over the side.

She and I had a blast, and it felt soooooo refreshing.  I didn’t care how silly I looked.

I think tomorrow, I will fill it up and enjoy it all to myself during her naptime.

Maybe I’ll complete the picture with a beer.

I hate snaps…

July 29, 2006

Okay, so Ms. Kaz keeps telling me that I need to explain the title of my blog to everyone who reads here. Me? I want to wait until anyone actually reads this blog don’t think dads need this explained.

I’m not a big guy. More of an average-sized guy. But, damn if those little tiny snaps (on newborn Onesies(tm), especially) don’t make me feel like I have these big meaty hands. And, if being tiny weren’t enough, they have three of them so freakin’ close to each other…

And don’t even get me started on finally getting two of them snapped, only to realize they aren’t lined up correctly.

So, no, I don’t feel I need to explain the title of this blog.

Post a comment, let me know that someone actually reads my blog I am not the only dad out there who wishes for velcro Onesies(tm).

Mommyblog directory

July 29, 2006

So, one of the news items coming out of the BlogHer conference is that Johnson’s Baby announced it will be sponsoring a directory of mommyblogs so that moms can “find other mom bloggers through keyword content searches and tags, as well as similar interests, number of children and region of the country. It will also offer additional exposure to existing bloggers by bringing their blogs to a whole new audience of readers and providing tips on how best to promote their blog.”

Launches Fall 2006.

No word on including daddybloggers (I even did a text search to make sure I wasn’t missing anything). Maybe I’ll register my blog here and see if they include me.

(Update: okay, I’m not gonna just register. They wouldn’t notice anyhow. I did write them a nice, polite email asking them to think of the daddies, as well)

I put what on my baby?!

July 28, 2006

What are DMDM Hydantoin and Sodium Borate?

Apparently, they are known carcinogens which are found in certain baby products, according to a report by the Environmental Working Group, an independent group which seeks to “expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions.”

As part of their study, they took a look at babycare products, and have made their findings available via the link above.

I don’t want to enter into a discussion about how much of X is too much of X… the research is out there. Even at non-dangerous levels, I believe the more of the “bad stuff” you can keep out of and off of your child, the better. Every little bit helps.

(via Shutterblog, via BloggingBaby)